Build time is currently10-12 weeks


What is the tongue weight?
Outbound: 70
Extreme: 70
T-REX 100

These squareback trailers are very easy to move around on your own. 

What is the dry weight?
Outbound: 650
Extreme: 750
T-REX: 850
These will increase when you add on more of our features.

These lightweight trailers are easy to pull with almost any vehicle.  Most of our customers comment that they can't even tell they are pulling something.  

What is the tire bolt pattern?

What type of vehicle connection is needed?
We are wired for a 4 flat prong connection.

What type of ball size needed?
A 2" ball is needed for pickup. The height from the to top of the ball to the ground will need to be 22".

Can the 4 step plates be added to an Outbound and Extreme Model?
Yes they can.  The step plates come standard on the T-REX but they can be added to an Outbound and Extreme Model.

What kind of Warranty do we Offer?
We offer a 1 Year Warranty on the trailer box and frame. All add on's are warrantied through the original manufacturer. 

What does the cost of coating the fenders/diamond plate cover?
The $100 coating fee will cover the diamond plate fenders and the front diamond plate if you have it.  The price remains at $100 even if it is only the fenders.

What other information can you provide on the Lock N Roll hitch?
The hitch is rated at 11,000 pounds gross trailer weight and 1100 pounds tongue weight.  This coupler is made with strong, alloy steel.  The Channel is ASTM A572 Grade 50.  Coupling shaft is heat-treated 4340 chrome-nickle-molybdenum alloy steel.  Bolt is high strength alloy made by Bowmalloy.  All units exceed the requirement of SAE standard J684 and are tested by independent labs. And yes it can be added to any Model.  

Can the T-REX jacks be used to change a tire?
Yes, of course.  Each jack has a weight capacity of 2,500 pounds so the total would be for 5,000 pounds.

Can you get a spare tire for T-REX?
The spare tire for the T-REX can be sold by special request, $600.

How does the $1200 Deposit work?
95% of our customers place their order by checking out with the Deposit in their shopping cart.   We then make contact and get their full order details.  The deposit is then applied to the final balance and is Non Refundable. The deposit will get you next in line for builds and will also lock in the sale price if we are running a sale that month.